Ships, planets, space stations, and other settlements make up the settings by which the solar federation universe is organized (by analogy with some popular science fiction TV shows, Enterprise, Deep Space 9, and Voyager shared a universe but each told their own stories with only occasional overlap. Settings in The solar federation will often be organized the same way. This mostly matters for the podcast(s), which we’ll talk about bellow.)

Each setting has it’s own Group and a section in the forum. Each setting has an official podcast and unfiltered podcast. More on that here.

To create a new ship, planet, space station, or other settlement, you should work with one of the admins.

To join a setting, you should join that group, and probably at least know a little bit about the person or people that run that setting. Get a feel for what’s happening in that group, and start participating.

The most populous setting in the solar federation at the moment is the Jupiter’s Ghost, the flagship of the Space Corps, and the primary setting for the Jupiter’s Ghost Podcast.

Our podcasts have a whole page of their own with lots of detail about each of them.

If you’d like to help producing a podcast, let us know.