If you won’t do this, you can’t participate.

  • Rule 1 – Do not tell stories involving other users without their consent.

This is really simple. You have autonomy over your character, and they have autonomy over their character. If you need someone in your story, feel free to reach out to them, or just create an NPC.

  • Rule 2 – Don’t engage in lewd behavior in public

This is pretty simple too. While this isn’t exactly a family site, we try to keep it safe for work. We want to enable and encourage contributions from various walks of life, and a great way to make lots of people uncomfortable is to stick a bunch of highly sexual content out in the open.

What you do in your DMs and in the NSFW section of the forum is your business (but remember rule #1), just make sure it’s opt in.

  • Rule 3 – The License for all content submitted here is CC-BY-SA

If you submit something to Intergalactic Social, you’re releasing it in to the world under a CC-BY-SA license. Our users have agreed to abide by our rules within the context of Intergalactic Social, Jupiter’s Ghost and the rest of the official Solar Federation work, and we ask others to do the same, but we don’t have a mechanism to enforce those restrictions outside of our platform. In practice, this hasn’t often been a big deal, but I want to make sure it’s explicit.