Welcome newcomer! If you’re confused, we understand. Don’t Panic, we’re here to help explain.

Intergalactic Social is a collaborative fiction site detailing the lives and daily operations of people living in the Solar Federation and the United Worlds. At the moment, it is the central hub of the Solar Federation Universe, and the forum through which all major contributions to the story are organized.

Intergalactic Social is an in-character social network and forum in which the various inhabitants of the Solar Federation Universe can interact. All content is available CC-BY-SA.

The Solar Federation Universe is an open shared fiction universe which will eventually be composed of lots of things! But for now, the principal elements are Intergalactic Social and the Jupiter’s Ghost podcast.

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to slip in to the background of your favorite science fiction television show, and have a chance to explore deep space or make a home on the edges of a vast galactic federation, this is your chance. See our How to Contribute page for more information.

Please, feel free to have a look around and make a home for yourself here, among the stars.